The Bindu Hunt Contest – Terms and Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions for #TheBinduHunt contest. There terms and conditions shall be binding on every participant who shall participate voluntarily in this contest hosted by Rishtey Cineplex. 

1. Follow our page

2. Tag three friends

3. Answer all three questions correctly

4. Rishtey Cineplex has the rights to choose the winner as per their understanding

5. Participants are expected to respect the decisions made by Rishtey Cineplex

6. Rishtey Cineplex will decide the place and time of the movie tickets

7. Tickets cannot be exchanged for monetary incentives

8. Tickets cannot be sold to other parties by the participants

9. Rishtey Cineplex reserves the rights to pull back the winners right if necessary

10. Rishtey Cineplex is in no way answerable for their choice of winners

11. Rishtey Cineplex' decision regarding all aspects of the contest will be final and binding