Sweet Cravings for Shilpa Shetty


Social Media is loaded with delicious and scrumptious food pictures. They pop up on our feed time and again especially when we are hungry or on a strict diet. But it’s okay to give yourself a break from all this and relish a cheat day, once in a while. This is often done by Shilpa Shetty on Instagram. We came across a video of herself enjoying and appreciating a cookie sandwich ice-cream with her son Viaan. Dressed in a denim jacket along with a pair of orange sunglasses, she was seen relishing every bite of her dessert. The chef also accompanied her and received generous praises!  Now this makes for a perfect weekend highlight, doesn’t it?

Kudos to their Sunday Binge! 


Now we definitely need more tips from Shilpa Shetty on how to lead such a happy life!

10 Bollywood Celebs who changed their real name

Katrina Kaif– Kate Turquotte

katrina (1)


Akshay Kumar– Rajiv Bhatia


Ajay Devgan- Vishal Devgan



Salman Khan– Abdul Rashid Salim Khan

salman (1)


Preity Zinta– Preetam Zinta

preeti (1)


Saif Ali Khan– Sajid Ali Khan

saif (1)


Shilpa Shetty- Ashwini Shetty



Ranveer Singh– Ravneer Singh Bhavnani

Ravneer (1)

Mallika Sherawat- Reema lamba

Mallika (1)


Rajnikanth– Sivaji Rao Gaekwad



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