9 things you didn’t know about BADSHAH

Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, better known by his stage name BADSHAH, has won the hearts of millions with his great rap music and his energetic performance. While we all know a lot about his music, here’s an insight in to the life of this much-celebrated artist.  


1. Badshah loves his job but gets tired of what follows

Although the luxurious life of this celebrated rapper is desired by many, Badshah gets tired of the constant travel and fast paced life that a rapper’s career demands. He prefers a more relaxed life.


2. Badshah believes that western music has influenced Punjabi music

Hip-hop culture has taken the mellow poetic music and given it a modern twist making it famous internationally.


3. Badshah has made the Punjabi slang words famous

Badshah believes that the words used in a song are important since they influence the tone, rhythm and meaning of the song. The words like chull, wakhra and patola, are Punjabi slang words, but they are what makes his music so unique.


4. Badshah has a 3 month old daughter

He plans on being the cool dad who hangs out with his daughter while entrusting his wife with the duty to discipline her.


5. Badshah’s real personality is very different from his onscreen persona

He believes that his job demands a more outgoing personality which matches the role of a rapper. However, he is a very calm, relaxed person in his personal life.


6. Baba Sehgal, Bally Sagoo and Alisha Chinai have influenced Badshah’s music

Badshah use to followed a lot of Baba Sehgal, Bally Sagoo and Alisha Chinai’s music during his childhood, which then played an important role in influencing his own love for music.


7. Badshah changed his career from Civil Engineering to Music

Coming from a middle-class family he started off his career as a civil engineer to ensure he had a stable start to his career and then went on to pursue his dreams to be a rapper simultaneously.


8. Badshah was in partnership with Yo Yo Honey Singh

Badshah was a part of  Yo Yo Honey Singh’s band. Honey Singh got famous and started concentrating on his personal career, which is when Badshah decided to do the same.


9. Badshah does not plan on being a rapper all his life

Although he loves rapping he does not plan on being a rapper all his life. He would like to become a director in the near future.


We bet you did not know all this about Badshah’s life. Click here to watch his one on one interview with Atika A. Farooqui and hear all about his life story. Share your thoughts on this great artist in the comments below.