10 funniest Bollywood memes on the internet

We are a generation who love the internet. While we all love our dose of Bollywood movies, there are some characters and scenes that inspire epic jokes as an aftermath.

We at Rishtey Cineplex know how to appreciate the funny bone in you and have therefore put together a list of the 10 funniest Bollywood memes on the internet.

1. We all have a friend who pulls this on every plan

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2. Only an engineer will get this…


3. No meme list is complete without the blessing of Mr. Alok Nath


4. We have all been through this at some point

best Bollywood Memes (12)

5. Only Rajnikanth can pull this off

best Bollywood Memes (21)

6. The struggle is real


7. Every Indian girl can relate to this….


8. Every foodies reaction….


9. Of course, ACP Pradyuman made the list


10. Cause no one messes with Rajnikanth


Come across memes that can top these? Share them in the comments below.