10 Bollywood Movies That Will Inspire You

Bollywood movies are known to be packed full of entertainment. From comedy to action to thrillers, the Bollywood industry has it all.

While the movies have always been a source of entertainment for the public, some filmmakers have managed to hit the right cords with their story lines. From movies that inspire the Desh Bhakt in us to movies that motivate us to be a better human being.

While the list of such movies goes on, here are 10 movies that topped our list.

1. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

From the Indo-Pak partition to the making of the greatest athlete India has seen, this movie showcases the journey of one Milkha Singh who later went on to become the fastest man of his time and make our nation proud.


2. Chak de! India

Yet another movie that revolved around Hockey and how the women hockey team in India is disregarded by the nation. The movie showcases the struggles the team has to go through internally and internationally, before they go on to become the champions under proper guidance.


3. Rang De Basanti

A movie that started as a light hearted funny movie that revolves around the life of teenagers in Delhi went on to teach us about the struggles our freedom fighters had to go through. This movie inspired every teenager in our nation to achieve more.


4. Swades

Swades is a story about an NRI who visits India in order to find the woman who raised him and to take her with him, instead he sees the conditions the villagers in India live in and stays back to help the villagers progress in their way of living.


5. 3 Idiots

3 idiots is a movie to help every parent understand their child unique potential and help them develop themselves in what they are good at. It proves that grades in school have nothing to do with success, and that success in the result of hard work and your interest.


6. PK

PK taught us everything that is wrong with our country and how we all need to work towards improving our own nations condition. It movie inspired us to think different and think about the nation, as a whole.


7. Black

Black was a story about a girl who was blind and deaf since birth. The movie covers her struggle through life and shows us how to she got over her troubles and lived her life. It inspires us to live our lives to the fullest and makes us understand how lucky we are to be fit and healthy.


8. Mary Kom

Mary Kom is the true story of an Indian boxer who struggled through her early life to do what she wants. She proves the people who did not believe in her wrong by winning in the Olympics.


9. Tare Zameen Par

Tare Zameen Par is again a movie that showed us that each child is different and should be treated so. With a little push and support each child can develop their unique character which will help him flourish in the future. The story of Eshan Avasti, who had dyslexia but goes on to work hard and overcome his shortcomings is truly inspiring.


10. English Vinglish

English Vinglish is the story of every uneducated or undereducated Indian who struggle with the English language. The movie revolves around a woman who is a mother and wife but is not respected due to her lack of English speaking skills. She goes to learn the language and work hard to ensure her confidence is maintained.


These movies have truly inspired us, what about you?