Govinda reacts to the rumors about him dropping out of Jagga Jasoos

With just a few days to go for the movie release, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are totally swamped with the Jagga Jasoos promotions. While the movie has been in the news for the delayed release and the unique movie concept, it cannot seem to get away from drama.

A few days ago, photos of the legendary actor Govina and his character in the movie went viral on the internet. 


The reason you ask? While the name Govinda itself is enough to go viral, the real reason was the fact that his role was dropped out of the movie in the final cut.

As expected, it did not go well with the ace actor and he decide to share his thoughts on this via Twitter. The actor went on a twitter rant with a series of tweets about what really happened. Check out what he had to say.

Although Govinda had his reason for the outburst, Ranbir Kapoor had his own artistic reasons for the decision. He went on to explain his actions during an interview as well. Here’s what he had to say, “Unfortunately the entire track has been chopped off; it is our fault, Basu and mine. We had started this film very prematurely, without a complete script. The character had completely changed, and the film was taking so long. It is very irresponsible, and very unfair to cast a great legend like Govinda and not give justice to his role. It is very unfortunate the way things panned out. We are apologetic, but it is for the best for the film that we had to cut that track out.

While it is sad to know that we will not get to enjoy Govinda on screen, we do hope Ranbir’s movie does well in theaters and the two actors clear all misunderstandings between them.