10 Times Bollywood Celebs Made Their Twitter Followers Crack-Up

With being a celebrity comes the added baggage of being under the constant scrutiny of the media. Each celebrity is either appreciated for their hard work or criticized for their roles. All in all the celebs have to go through a storm of attention, both good and bad.

The media use the many platforms available to send across their message to the celebs. One such medium is the famous social media site Twitter. Well while the media might have no bounds, our celebs make sure they let the world know they are listening every now and then. Sometime is using their funny sides as well.

Here’s a list of 10 times our beloved Bollywood celebrities brought out their funny side in front of the masses.

1. When Uday Chopra cracked a fast one on himself


2. When Jackky didn’t not show away from promoting his movie


3. When even Abhishek Bachchan could not resist replying to KRK


4. When Uday Chopra’s pj was too funny for us to handle


5. When Shirish’s pun intended hashtag game was on point


6. When Farah Khan could stepped into reality


7. When Uday Chopra continued to show that he can make himself the butt of all jokes

8. When Shirish brought out the harsh truth of marriage

9. When Mrs. Funny Bones’ baby was just as funny as her


10. When Sunny Leone said it as it is


Which one did you find the funniest?