10 Relatable Bollywood Dialogues

Bollywood movies have always been the means to get away from the reality of life and enter the world of cinematic magic. These movies have been entertaining us since the very beginning and have continued to do so over the past few decades.

While these movies have managed to leave us mesmerized, some of the dialogues have managed to capture us completely. These dialogues may have managed to work wonderfully in the movie scene, but they are extra special since we can find them relatable in real-life on too many levels.

Here are 10 such iconic dialogues that we could not help but relate to and use them in our day to day interaction

1. Every single time someone has gone overboard in lecturing you about something you have not done right according to their standards


2. When the grammar Nazi in you can’t stand someone speaking in wrong English with confidence.


3. When a someone scares the life out of you in tricky situations but have to put on a brave face


4. When an over-enthusiastic person starts talking to you as soon as you wake up


5. When people misjudge you and try to take advantage of your silence


6. When someone does something that ticks you off


7. When you see 20 missed called from your mom and you know what is going to follow


8. When someone you don’t like complements you


9. When your crush tries to friendzone you and you try to escape it


10. When you friend says something that makes no sense at all


How many of these could you relate to?