Amitabh Bachchan’s most unique looks over the decades.

We are no strangers to the greatness that is Amitabh Bachchan. After being a part of the movie industry for decades he has done countless versatile roles. Each role played by him brought a different new look with it. 

Amitabh has portrayed several different characters on screen brilliantly. He has carried every role and look effortlessly. Here are 10 of his best looks over the years. 


 Khakee: Although Amitabh has donned the hat of a policemen many times in his successful career, his look in Khakee was particularly very different. 

Pink: He was the serious lawyer fighting for justice. A role he portrayed for the very first time in decades.
Piku: Although very demanding and needy, Amitabh was the perfect Bengali father to Deepika. His overall look in the movie and accent depicted the same.


SarkkarHis role in this movie was fierce and serious and he looked the part as well. 



SholayWho can forget the iconic Jai-Veeru friendship, where Jai’s Blue pant suit became a trademark forever. 



Pehali: One of Amitabh’s unique looks indeed! The paghadi and undereye kajal made him stand out throughout. 



Jhoom Barabar Jhoom: Who knew Amitabh could pull off a hippie singer who gave great life lessons! A small cameo but one that left an impact because of his look. 

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom


Bhoothnath: Not just a different role, but also a movie catered to a different audience. The kids. He was the least scary ghost ever! 



Baghban: A simple man of principles. He was a father, grandfather and most importantly a loving husband. His suits and ties were critical in portraying this character effectively.



Pa: We ALL have loved Pa. Amitabh’s most unique and challenging role. His look in this movie was by far the most talked about, and rightly so.  



Which one's your favorite?