These powerful quotes by Shah Rukh Khan prove that he is a philosopher at heart.

Sat Mar 17
These powerful quotes by Shah Rukh Khan prove that he is a philosopher at heart.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is quite witty and spontaneous as we all know! But did you know that the actor has a philosophical side to him?


Time and again the actor’s quotes have left deep impact on the audience and his approach towards life has amazed us in every manner.


Today we bring you a list of some of his quotes that are truly encouraging!



“Madness of a particularly nice  or romantic kind  is an absolute prerequisite to a happy and successful life.”





“Don’t ever treat your little insanity as aberrations. Acknowledge and use them to define your own way of living.”





“If you live by your fears, everything that could go wrong will go wrong.”





“To lead means to inspire and you cannot inspire people mechanically or through numericals. Inspiration is an emotional construct.”


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“I have never set goals but I have truly never done a single thing that I wasn’t determined to do the best.”


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“All you want to be, is yourself and you’re quite sure you know what that is.”





“If you want to excel at something there shouldn’t be a single person around you who can claim to be more familiar with its mechanics than you are.”





“Sometimes, in order to move forward you might need to take a few steps back and there’s no loss in doing something that hurts in the short run but proves worthwhile in time.”





“My biggest fear is that I will wake up one morning and will not have any more parts left to leave in a film. This is how I approach acting.”





“Taking your blessings for granted is the most ungracious stupidity, both in chess and in life.”





“As cynical as it sounds, failure is something you face alone. Success has a lot of masters, friends and well-wishers. But failure is lonely. Still, it’s just as textured as success.”


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“I don’t say anything to women. I just follow them blindly and deafly, because that’s what global romantic icons do.”






Which out of these truly moved you?