Sweet and emotional, but too long an account

Sat May 13
Sweet and emotional, but too long an account

Akshay Roy, the director of the film has been an assistant director on films like Namesake, Water and Lakshya, since a film is a narration of a director’s experiences we can see his tutors in his work. There is old school romance, 90’s tape recorder, Kishore and Rafi’s songs from the 70s and 80s, childhood love, beautiful homes, sweetly fighting parents, and everything that belongs to the 90s.  

A writer of horror novels by the name of ‘Chudail ki Choli’ etc has to write a love story but cannot meet the deadline. He falls back on his real life unrequited love and in the process relive it. The girl, Bindu, is funny and fickle and constantly falls in and out of love. She is a dangerous girl for the choice of marriage clearly, but love is blind you see.

In the beginning, the sweetness of the film grips you, it flows like a breeze, the characters seem so familiar, lead pair looks great together, their friendship and puppy love is engaging and endearing. Cinematography by Tushar Kranti Ray is stunning; it shows erstwhile Calcutta’s beautiful warmth and charm without being overtly stereotypical. The time that the movie is set in is clearly not 2017. People use typewriters; make an STD call from a public booth and love in 90’s style. At the same time the narrative is very youthful. People from all walks of life will like the film especially the youth. In a scene, Bindu says to Abhimanyu, “Tu mera Chhat wala Kamra hai ( In which she went to wipe away her tears), Abhimanyu replies, “Ab to rent dena shuru kar de” This as he had proposed marriage to her. It’s clearly a fun film but writer Supratim Sengupta and editor Shweta Venkat Mathew did not know where to withhold their expansionist tendencies. The film took too long to come to a happy or sad or whatever conclusion.   

Beyond a point everyone likes logic and in this film Bindu’s unpredictability sounded illogical.

At a point I thought it was director’s own recount of his adolescence experiences which he wanted to relive. Pun intended.

The film is introspective in nature and will surely make you go down the memory lane. It will make you smile, laugh, cry or simply retrospect. But at the same time, it’s a bit too long a narration.

2.5 stars