Some interesting facts about Katrina Kaif you probably didn’t know.

Sat Mar 24
Some interesting facts about Katrina Kaif you probably didn’t know.

Katrina Kaif, the gorgeous diva of Bollywood has made it big in the industry through her own tenacious efforts. It’s not easy for a person to make a big name on a foreign land, especially in the entertainment industry where there is a cut-throat competition all the time!


Saluting her spirit and never give up attitude, we bring you some really interesting facts about her life.



Katrina’s actual name is Katrina Turquotte.





Katrina Kaif was born in Honk Kong and lived in Hawaii till the age of 14. Later she moved to England with her family.





Katrina started her modeling career in England.  Filmmaker Kaizad Gustad spotted her at one of the fashion shows and offered her 'Boom.'


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Katrina Kaif is the first Bollywood actress to have 'Barbie doll' modeled on her.


Katrina Kaif Wallpaper 5



As per the sources Katrina is afraid of the 'dark.'


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She loves to play chess. Quite often with 'Aamir Khan'!


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Did you know that Katrina Kaif is also fond of painting?


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Katrina hates to wear the makeup in real life.





Her favorite beverage is 'black coffee.'





Katrina Kaif wakes up at 6 in the morning, she does Yoga and swimming before beginning her day.






She is also involved with a lot of philanthropy activities.



Hope you loved reading these facts about your favorite actress.