Rani Mukerji talks about motherhood.

Wed Apr 4
Rani Mukerji talks about motherhood.

The very talented and beautiful, Rani Mukerji gave birth to her daughter, Adira  in 2015 December. The actress went on a short break to play the real life role of a mother. In one of the recent interactions the actor shared about motherhood and how it has transformed her life.


Rani Mukerji even went on to say how she encountered true love only after becoming a mother, she said “I felt what true love is. That happens with motherhood… Till I had my child, I did not realize how I can love someone more than myself. At the same time, a few months ago I lost my father. So I know what extreme pain feels like.” She further added “I channelise all my emotions and energy into my work. I feel the vacuum of my father, but instead of crying and brooding over it, I channelise the emotions.”


Talking about her daughter Adira Rani said “She is a very playful child and stays without me when I am working. She is a happy baby. She has begun to understand that I go for work… And I wanted to teach her for a certain time I will go out for work… She should have the security that I will come back.”


The Hichki actress has once again proved her caliber through her performance in her recent movie.


We definitely learn a lot from her!