PC gets a candid Ranveer on Instagram live.

Fri Mar 9
PC gets a candid Ranveer on Instagram live.

Priyanka Chopra, even though in the United States for most her time, makes sure to keep in touch with her Indian friends and fans. She occasionally goes live from Instagram and surprises her fans and is very active on all social media platforms. 

On this Women's Day, Ranveer Singh wore a green skirt to set and this caught everyone including PC off guard. She couldnt control herself and wanted to know how he came about to wear the skirt. While she was live on Instagram, Ranveer commented wishing her 'Happy Women's Day' and Priyanka took this as an opportunity to invite him to be a part of the live chat. 

Here is how it went. 

Ranveer was totally caught off guard and after a point he added, "Jesus Christ PC, I am on shoot right now. I have to act and all yaar. But we really miss you a lot ya. Come back to India and do some more Hindi movies. For god sake PC."

To which Priyanka replied, "It's almost happening Ranno, it's almost happening". PC has indeed confirmed her come back in bollywood. Are you excited?

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