Not a flawless film but truly Extraordinary

Fri Apr 28
Not a flawless film but truly Extraordinary

If you are an ardent fan of  the genre mythology, action, high octane drama and great visual effects, there is no doubt that you would consider Baahubali as the best Indian film of all time.

Baahubali – the conclusion is a story of an orphaned man, who had arms of steel, heart of gold and a fate of ashes, yet he shone like a star. He should rise to the throne in order to save his kingdom from the clutches of his sinister younger cousin brother Bhallal Deva. It’s a story of Baahubali’s valor, inimitable charm and humility, and unbeatable prowess. Baahubali played by Southern superstar Prabhas resembles the character of Lord Rama. He blindly obeys his mother, strides the path of truth and dharma and is ready to give up his throne in order to maintain family ties.

S S Rajamouli who has directed and written the screenplay of this film is an established director and a skilled story teller. Each second of this film is art in motion. He sets a very lofty scale and canvas for Baahubali; arguably unparalleled in the history of Hindi cinema, especially when it comes to war films. I can promise to you that it’s at par with Hollywood films like Troy, 300, and Benhur. If you had ever thought that our films lacked the scale, it’s time to put up our collar. This magnum opus was made right here in Ramoji rao city in Hyderabad.

Prabhas and Rana Duggubatti are a treat to watch. Their strong masculine chiseled bodies, blood shot eyes, ferocious fights convey the impact of two tigers in a live battle. The film’s action choreographer Peter Hein and Cinematographer K K Senthil Kumar are the reasons why the film is practically unforgettable once you have finished seen it. Those visuals would linger till long in your mind. They are so very powerful. Also the music by M M Keeravani is phenomenal. Actually it’s the background score that makes a story turn into a battleground.  

Katappa played by Sathyaraj is a slave to the royal family and must protect them even at the cost of his life. Baahubali calls him ‘Mama’ and Bhallal calls him a Dog. That is exactly the difference between the two brothers who may have been born from different mothers but were brought up by one. Rana Duggubati puts up a formidable opposition in front of Baahubali, in such dramas it’s the villain who must shine in order for the Hero to reflect in his glory too and Rana does a good job. I was expecting little more layers though in his character other than the teeth grinding expressions all along. But when he fights we forgive all. In Baahubali the beginning, it was a bull taming fight that he mastered and in this one it’s the climax where he excels. But we fail to know in this one that who was his wife who gave a son to him while he was conveniently letching at his ex-brother’s wife.

Finally, we got an answer to why Katappa killed Baahubali. This particular scene was not as well mounted and narrated as all other important scenes though as much hoopla had been created around the open ended climax that Rajamouli chose for his first installment.

In the role of Katappa, Sathyaraj shines throughout. It’s difficult to believe that he is the same person who played Virus in the Tamil version of Three idiots.

A special mention of Ramya Krishnan who plays Rajmata Sivagami; she is not just pivotal to the film, it’s her stone face, wide eyed look and a very firm voice that demands a stature much higher to the male protagonists in the film. Baahubali the Conclusion cannot be accused of shoving the female characters under the carpet as this one is basically a war fought by men but caused and created by women. Also here the women put up some really brave fights.

When the warrior princess played by Anushka Shetty turns down a proposal by Rajmata Sivagami, Rajmata says, “ Sibagami ki Bahu ko ye ahankar shobha deta hai”. Finally we see strong women on one side.

Nassar as Bijjalla deva becomes the cunning character that such a war film must have. He is man who is physically crippled but mentally strong, agile and very manipulative. He reminds us that most wars in history have been fought to avenge humiliation.

Anushka Shetty’s character of warrior princess disappoints a bit in the way it fails to develop. She started off as a powerful Kshatriya arrogant girl who defies death but in the end she is relegated to being a mother who needs her son for help despite of her fearless eyes throughout. She needed to pick up a sword or two. We were expecting.

It’s not an average Telugu film; it took more than 5 years, 450 crores to be made. Its special effects have been done by the same company that worked on Avatar, Life of pie and X men.The film is worth all the buzz and anticipation around it.

It’s not perfect but it’s still a master piece. I insist you make time for it.

4 Stars