Meet the cutest Dad in town!

Tue Jul 3
Meet the cutest Dad in town!

Sonam Kapoor, who is ten years old in the Bollywood industry now, has given us a number of movies and some of them are on our list of favourites. She is known to pick roles that are different and challenging. In the last couple of years, she has given a total of eight back to back hits and so her dapper dad, Anil Kapoor took to Instagram to share his joy. He made a collage of all her recent films with a caption that’s so inspiring. It read: “The choices we make shape our lives. @sonamkapoor you have made some pretty damn good ones when it comes to scripts, directors & content…Your hard work, commitment & conviction has resulted in 8 hits in a row!  So happy & proud of you!”




Cute, right?

To which her instant reply was, “Dad only you would notice this love you."




Parents are our real cheerleaders, after all! <3