Lullabies like these <3

Wed Apr 29
Lullabies like these <3

Kalki Koechlin, the new mommy on the block has been busy looking after her baby girl. Amidst these COVID-19 times, Kalki has been going all out to keep her baby girl Sappho happy and entertained. Through her Instagram feed, we read that she learnt to play the ukulele so she could sing some beautiful lullabies for her baby. We can say that she has outdone herself as we saw two videos of her singing to her baby. Sappho either enjoys them or falls asleep. It is a win-win for this mommy clearly! 😉

We can also say that the family really has a good taste in music and this little baby girl enjoys her lullabies be it Portuguese one that Kalki picked up during the time she was shooting for her web series or the first lullaby she learnt from an album called Songs of the Baobab. Here are the videos if you haven’t seen them already! <3



We’re totally loving this mother-daughter duo who are totally bonding over music! <3

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