Lockdown got better with these tales by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana

Wed May 20
Lockdown got better with these tales by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana

She’s inspiring, she’s motivating and with her lockdown tales, she’s also a breath of fresh air. With new stories brimming once in every two to three days, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana’s lockdown tales have become our comforting space. They are heartfelt and so relatable as she speaks about happenings that occur so often! Be it about domestic abuse and the hardships that come along, a beautiful relationship with a single mom and her daughter, or about a sweet little story about a journalist and a migrant worker; each one of these stories makes sure to leave a big smile on your face. She narrates them with the best of expressions and with the background detailing on point, it makes you visualize the story beautifully.

We won’t give it a lot because that’s no fun, right? If you haven’t already heard them, we’re linking you to some of our favourites tales below! Go ahead, add some smiles to this lockdown and make it count! 🙂

#1 Highway


#2 Date night


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Are relationships just one dimensional? Is there always a giver and a receiver in a relationship or can the equation be reversed too? What are stereotypes? Is the general perception of our being, our roles in society, in a family… that leads to the definition of stereotype? And does every story need to have the traditional beginning, middle and end? Can’t it be just a moment? A thought? An experience? Aaah too many questions…this lockdown tale is too simple to answer these complex questions…but hey , like relationships this too might not just be one dimensional…perhaps there’s more to it…perhaps it’s understated…perhaps you can figure out! Let me know! Written and narrated by: me🤓 Packaged by: @packuppictures #thelockdowntales #datenight #stories #internationalmothersday #tahirakashyap #mothersday #lockdown

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#3 Domestic Virus


#4 Namak Kam hai


#5 Covid Positive


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