Kareena and Saif plan to be here during Diwali!

Thu Nov 12
Kareena and Saif plan to be here during Diwali!

Bollywood’s most loved Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan will be spending a quiet Diwali yesterday. Unlike every year where celebrities throw lavish Diwali parties, this year for sure is different owing to the pandemic. We’ve read updates from a lot of celebrities who’ve decided to cancel major Diwali parties this year due to the pandemic.

Saif who is currently shooting in Dharamshala for his upcoming film Bhoot Police, will be there even during Diwali. Kareena and Taimur will be joining them there for the celebration. Talking about their Diwali plans, Kareena said they are actually looking forward to this. She said, “It will be great to travel to the mountains and spend time in the open air and sunshine.”

Kareena further added that they are planning to keep the celebration very quiet and spend as much time in the open as they can. “It’s obviously not going to be a big Diwali, and I am very happy with that, I would rather have it small this year,” the actress concluded.

This was from Saif and Kareena. This festive season, we urge you guys to celebrate but with all precautions. Stay healthy, stay safe!


Image source: Kareena Kapoor Khan Instagram feed