Inside Alia’s surprise birthday in Bulgaria.

Fri Mar 16
Inside Alia’s surprise birthday in Bulgaria.

Alia Bhatt turned 25 on the sets of Brahmastra in Bulgaria. Since she was working and not in hr home town she didn't plan anything but, Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukerji had a really cute surprise planned for her. 

A source said, "It's Alia's 25th birthday, so it's a landmark year in that sense. Ranbir and Ayan want to make the day special for her, especially since she is away from home. So, they have planned a huge surprise party on the sets for the actress. To add to the fun, they have a particular theme for the bash".

The source also confirmed that Alia wasn't planning to do anything but shoot on her birthday. He said, "Alia will spend her day shooting. It’s a hectic schedule so she can’t afford a day off but there will definitely be a celebration on set". But, clearly things didn't go as per Alia's plans. 

Since the flight to Bulgaria is 10 hours long, it was unfortunate that her family and friends weren't there for it. 

This gesture made by Ranbir and Ayan is just simply adorable. Let us know what you think about this surpirse party in the comments below.