Here’s how Radhika Apte proves smart is the new sexy!

Fri Sep 7
Here’s how Radhika Apte proves smart is the new sexy!

Radhika Apte is that actress who is filled with sheer talent and known for her unconventional roles. She is known for her bold avatar on & off screen, but the thing you probably should know is that she is loaded with sass. She is smart, beautiful and most importantly knows how to speak her mind out loud! Since it’s a special day for her, we have penned down a few quotes of Radhika for you. 


Take a look!


#1. Kabhi main sexy hoon, kabhi de-glam. I don't care about it. You just have to do your own thing!




#2. Some use the word in the sexual context but being bold is more than that. It's about living an independent life & exploring new things. Boldness is courage. It is something positive. But the term is used negatively in our society.


Radhika 5


#3. You need to learn to say no & need to recognize when you are being exploited. You'll get your due, according to your talent!


Radhika 3


#4. I am not in favour of labels. The more you run away from one kind of label, the more people will try to put another label on you.


Radhika 4


#5. I think jokes on colour or body shaming shouldn't be made. It's not funny to crack such jokes!


Radhika 2



Image courtesy- Instagram