Ek Do Teen track out now!

Mon Mar 19
Ek Do Teen track out now!

The most awaited track of Baaghi2 is finally out and it is definitely a crowd pleaser.


Jacqueline looks fabulous in this remake of ‘Ek Do Teen’. Check it out here:

It’s no secret that this remake was inspired from the original track starring Madhuri Dixit! Let’s re-live the original performance here:

Jacqueline was very skeptical about stepping into Madhuri’s shoes when it comes to dancing. She even released a disclaimer before the song was out which said, “That was my first stress, that how can we recreate something so iconic, like is it even possible? It made it lot easier for me when I understood that it is not possible. We’re not trying to match up to what Madhuri Dixit did. We are not trying to match up to what Saroj (Khan) ji did. We are honestly fans, big, big fans of their work. This is honestly, more than anything, a tribute to an amazing and iconic number that they gave to us. I can’t wait for Madhuri ma’am to watch the song. It is my tribute to her. Her performance in the original is unmatchable. Forget me, no one can ever come close to her”.


What do you think about Jacqueline’s attempt at re-making ‘Ek Do Teen’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.