Binge Eating Is Never A Bad Idea, Right Shilpa?

Fri Jun 8
Binge Eating Is Never A Bad Idea, Right Shilpa?

We all look up to Shilpa Shetty when it comes to fitness. But, just like all of us, she also loves to binge here and there. On her birthday today, we we’re rounding up the number of times we wanted to cheat on our diet and how the cheat has been absolutely worth it!


#1 We have all been through that sad moment when India lost and didn’t know how to vent it out. However, Shilpa Shetty told us that be it good or bad news, a cake is an answer to everything.




#2 This one time, she showed us the right way to Sunday binge. After all, it is all about your favourite food!




#3 Ever held competitions with your family on who eats the most? Shilpa had one with her family and guess what, she won!



#4 What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say festivals? Desserts, right?  Here’s a snippet of Shilpa binging on Phirni during Ramzan.



#5 Nothing is as gratifying as indulging in your favorite dessert after a long day. Agree? Shilpa does too! Here’s a clip from when she relished her favorite Bengali sweets.




Happy birthday, Shipla Shetty!


Image source: NDTV
Videos: Instagram