Arjun Kapoor is baking and he has somebody to keep him company!

Tue Apr 7
Arjun Kapoor is baking and he has somebody to keep him company!

Arjun Kapoor, one of Bollywood’s most loved actors has been spreading awareness about COVID-19 on his social feed time and again. He has also been taking all preventive measures as a responsible citizen of the country and is constantly urging everybody else to do so. While the world is quarantining at the moment and being absolutely productive, Arjun Kapoor too has been trying his hand at something new. Last evening the actor tried baking and from what we saw, we think the attempt was quite a success!

While he was whisking the batter, Arjun Kapoor was entertained by somebody at home. Not to miss a perfect background score was added in the background for MAXimum effect! 😉 This somebody was none other than his pet Maximus who was holding Arjun Kapoor with his paws and dancing. Isn’t this a complete mood-lifter?

Here’s the video incase you’ve missed it!

The caption that followed was: “I’m sure Maximus the real Gunda sang this song in his head cause it’s the first time he’s seen me the Fake Baker attempt anything in the kitchen !!! PS – (his hips really don’t lie)
@aliabbaszafar @ranveersingh @priyankachopra #maximusthegunda”


In this adorable, Arjun Kapoor urges you to #StayHome as well and we couldn’t agree more!


Image source: toiimg