Alia Bhatt injured on the sets of Brahmastra.

Tue Mar 20
Alia Bhatt injured on the sets of Brahmastra.

Bulgaria has been a fun time for the cast and crew of Brahmastra up until now. Alia Bhatt got seriously injured while shooting for an action sequence for the film. Reportedly, she injured her shoulder and is meant to be in a sling for the next few days.


The spokesperson for Brahmastra confirmed this news and said, “Yes, on Saturday, Alia injured her shoulder while filming an action sequence. The schedule has been tough and challenging on several levels and this accident has set us back by two days. However, our highest priority is Alia's recovery. She has been advised minimal movement of the arm which means she cannot resume filming her action sequences in the near future to prevent any further trauma to her shoulder”.


It was only a couple days ago that Alia was celebrating her birthday and now she has been asked to not exert herself at all. Alia being hardworking and dedicated has requested to continue shoot and remain in Bulgaria. However, the team has decided to refrain from shooting any action sequence.


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