5 times Arjun Kapoor made us smile from ear to ear!

Tue Jun 26
5 times Arjun Kapoor made us smile from ear to ear!

Arjun Kapoor, also known as ‘Fubu’ is known to be one of the coolest stars of this industry. Having played an array of roles so far, he has certainly established himself as one of the best actors this industry has. Apart from being an ace actor, he is also one of the most loved brother, co-star, friend and even a human being. Here are 5 times when he proved it right!

1.When he shared this adorable handwritten letter by his fan. In a world full of emails and messages, it’s good to know a star goes through his fan’s letters too!




2. When he showed us his goofy side with co-star Parineeti Chopra. Anybody would kill to have someone who makes work fun. At least we would!



3. Admit it…we all love throwbacks and Arjun Kapoor does too! At regular intervals, he makes sure to upload these adorable snaps that totally make our day.



4. When he shared the recipe to be a perfect brother.




5. At the end of the day, nothing matters more than the family does and Arjun Kapoor is a firm believer of this too



Here’s wishing our beloved Baba a very Happy Birthday.