5 Things you should know about Kangana Ranaut!

Fri Mar 23
5 Things you should know about Kangana Ranaut!

Kangana Ranaut has performed the most versatile of roles and has been outstanding in each of them. Other than her acting skills, there are may factors that make her different from the rest of the Indsutry. Let's have a look at these aspects.

For the shooting of the movie 'Queen', there were many time where Kangana did not have a vanity and had to get dressed in public restrooms.




Kangana's sister has been an acid attack victim. This took a huge toll on her and her family but, they got through it.




Kangana started her carreer at the ripe age of only 16.

Other than acting, Kangana takes initiative in preparing her own dialogues and giving inputs in the scenes.




Beside bollywood films, Kangana has previously worked in films of Telugu and Tamil origins.

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