5 stars who decided to go the Yoga way!

Thu Jun 21
5 stars who decided to go the Yoga way!

India has been the birthplace of yoga. Since its inception, this practice is something that’s not only beneficial but also that’s become a part of our daily routine. This #InternationalYogaDay, here are five Bollywood stars who have always inspired many to make Yoga a part of their lives.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Back in 2008, she became the talk of the town for her size zero figure for her film Tashan and gave full credit for it to yoga. Reportedly, even today, Kareena Kapoor Khan starts her day with 50 suryanamaskars and 45 minutes of other asanas.



Aalia Bhatt: From Badrinath Ki Dulhania to Shaandar, Alia Bhatt and her fitness journey is something we’ve individually seen! Apart from her usual workout regime, she makes it a point make yoga a part of her routine.



Shilpa Shetty: This star not only included yoga in her daily life, but also made it accessible for her fans all across the globe through videos and Instagram posts.



Bipasha Basu: Known for her stunning figure and calm personality, Bipasha Basu is a fitness enthusiast who owes it all to yoga!



Jacqueline Fernandez: Jacqueline Fernandez is also a firm believer of this traditional practice and is also a boss at doing the toughest asanas.



This day sounds like an ideal time to subscribe for a yoga class. A few minutes of yoga a day, will keep the doctor away!