5 best dialogues from Imtiaz Ali’s movies!

Sat Jun 16
5 best dialogues from Imtiaz Ali’s movies!

Captivating the audience with his romantic narratives and leaving us pondering about life is what Imtiaz Ali movies are all about.This filmmaker proved that Bollywood romance is more than running around the trees and melodrama and making the characters feel more real than ever. On his birthday today, here are five of our favourite dialogues from his movies that are so relatable and ones we've learnt thoroughly! 

#1 When he introduced us to the character of Geet and drove us in a new direction which made us love ourselves and our lives a little more.





#2 When Veera, was all of us at some point on a road trip who never wanted the journey to end.



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#3 Back in 2005, Socha Na Tha changed the face of romantic movies. With tumultuous love story of Viren and Aditi, we realized that love is above everything.



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#4  This dialogue from Tamasha made us realize that the destiny of our life is in our control! We just need to see it!


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#5 Sometimes we miss out on what’s in front of us in the race of life, and Harry Met Sejal was the perfect example of this life lesson.

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Happy birthday, Imtiaz Ali!